Helpful Links

The Center for Mindfulness & Insight Meditation (Wenham, MA)

This is our practice center in Wenham, MA. Weekly meditation classes are offered as well as periodic workshops and short nonresidential retreats. Visit this site for more information about the Centers offerings:


The Redding Center for Meditation (Redding, CT)

This is our sister sangha in Redding, CT. It is where our monastic teachers, Achan Da, Achan Niphen, and Achan Mongkol, are generally stationed. In addition to regular weekly meditation classes, the Redding Center also offers monthly one-day retreats, periodic weekend retreats, and an annual 5-day retreat. Most retreat attendees do so on a nonresidential basis, but there are a few beds available that can be reserved by retreatants who are traveling from a distance. The Redding Center for Meditation is about a 3-hour drive from Wenham, MA.

Visit their website to learn more about their upcoming offerings: