Who We Are

The Mahasati Insight Meditation Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people reduce suffering through the development of mindfulness and self-knowledge. We provide a place for weekly practice, where people can come together to support their meditation practice under the guidance of experienced teachers.

The Association is inspired by the teachings of Thai Buddhist Meditation Master Luangpor Teean, and advocates the following core principles:

  • The recognition that there are degrees of relief from suffering – up to its total cessation.
  • The complete cessation of suffering is possible for each of us with diligent practice.
  • This release from suffering is based on seeing clearly, for oneself, the action of the body and mind in the present moment, and begins with the distinguishing of physical reality from conceptual thought.
  • The realization of this cessation of suffering is most likely when both formal meditation practice and practice during daily life are supported and combined.

Our practice community avoids ritual and dogma, and does not discourage practice in other spiritual traditions. We aspire to cultivate an atmosphere of openness, gentleness and mutual support.

Meet Our Teachers

The Mahasati Insight Meditation Association is a non – profit organization that is in the process of applying for 501(c) status and donations are accepted.  None of the funds go to the teachers but do help to defray the costs of running the organization.  We thank you for any donations or pledges that you may offer.

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Becoming a member is a sign of your support for the Association and its activities. Like any organization, we need members in order to continue to exist. There are no obligations associated with membership, beyond a genuine interest in our mission, an intention to participate in our ongoing activities, and a willingness to support our organization at a level that feels comfortable for you. Membership means becoming part of an openhearted and supportive community of fellow practitioners.

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