What is Mahasati Insight Meditation?
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Mahasati in Pali means “great awareness.”
Learn more about the practice of Mahasati Meditation....
Who We Are

The Mahasati Insight Meditation Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people reduce suffering through the development of mindfulness and self-knowledge. Learn More

What is Mahasati Practice?

Mahasati in Pali means “great awareness.” It is a form of Vipassana or Insight meditation which originates in Southeast Asia.
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Classes and Events

Learn how to become more involved with the Mahasati Meditation foundation and how you can practice and spread the word in your area.

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Learn more about the teachers who are involved with Mahasati Meditation.  We are fortunate to have a number of ordained Thai Forest Monks here in the US to assist with our teachings.
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